What Dreams Are Made Of

I dream, You dream. We all Dream of Something.

A  few weeks ago, I wrote a post about dreaming and having nightmares. There was one diamond in the rough:

I was in an audience and suddenly Sammy Davis Jr. gently took my hand. He brushed against my fingertips and twirled me into his arms. We spent the night dancing. It was beautiful and felt so real. At one point, he even had me take a seat whilst he performed a Mickey Mouse bit with none other than Jim Carey.  Odd combination, but it happened. Sammy swayed with me all night as he whispered into my ear. After some time I took a seat and I saw him wink and leave the room. I jumped up and went looking for him, to no avail. It was though he appeared and then vanished in thin air. I woke from the dream-upset.  I so wanted to go back to sleep and keep dancing with Sammy-who wouldn’t?

I’ve since had a few dreams but this one has been the best. So I thought, hum, time for another writing encouragement. This writing exercise encourages you to revisit a subconscious state. Ever wake from a dream, you wish you could have held onto longer? What was it? Or, have you had a dream that’s been life changing? Did it cause you to choose another career, pursue love or mend a relationship? Or, Did you part ways with someone or something toxic? Did you visit with a loved one that is no longer among the land of the living? Have you dreamt of pursuing a goal and you’ve obtained it? For this writing event, share a dream or two that’s had a great effect-even  after waking. If you are an artist, create an image. Looking forward to peeking into your subconscious state. Create a ping back by including the page link at the end of your post. Submit by Sunday, May 18, 2014  Happy Blogging ^ ^

19 thoughts on “What Dreams Are Made Of

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  3. Hey, published a post for your writing challenge today! Hope you read it and also hoping you’d like it.


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