Moments of Nostalgia


Moments of Nostalgia Writing Challenge

We all experience Moments of Nostalgia. They offer comfort during difficult times or allow us to take a trip down memory lane. Sometimes they become sort of tradition, once shared with parents and now shared with our children. What is a moment of nostalgia that you find yourself revisiting? Is it something that you now share with others? Does it serve as a trip down memory lane or offer you a sense of comfort?

For this encouragement:
You can share this moment through blogging and or through a series of photos (be sure you own the rights to any photo that you submit). Your post should be in direct response to this. I’ve not been blogging for too long.  This seems like such a great way to interact on a larger, scale with the blogging community. Thank you for participating and blogging with me. I look forward to being able to read such beautiful moments. Make sure you include the link in your post to enable a pingback. Share this with others. Submit your Moments by April 13, 2014
Happy Blogging

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