My younger sister  is on Spring break and my mum had work. After I prepared her breakfast (buttermilk biscuits from scratch), I needed to take a nap. When I awoke, we somehow had a heart to heart. My younger sister is 15 years old-and a freshman in H.S. She came into this world, literally fighting for her life. Born several months premature and weighing just over a lb, her entry into this world was filled with complications. Even today, she must go to the hospital at the first sign of a cold. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

As I stood looking at this building, nearly demolished and the beauty surrounding it, I had a moment of acceptance. I must let go of the old and painful to rebuild and embrace whats to come. (loss of daughter, moving to a new home, embrace brain injury/recovery, establishing a new business and shortcomings)

Daily Post Photo Challenge