And all that Jazz: An Ode to friendship

In an attempt to reconnect with my past
or jog some sort of memory
I’ve taken to reading correspondences
from those once near and dear to me-
colorful interactions
now fractured Continue reading

The Heart of The Matter

I’ve no intention to turn this blog into a platform of racial matters. However, my heart is heavy. I feel powerless and am distraught. Writing is how I get the chaos out of my head.  I am a multi-racial woman (when I am at my lightest wearing my naturally curly hair, my race is ambiguous and many question my ethnicity) Continue reading

Dear World…

Please excuse me whilst I interrupt the regularly scheduled program:

Dear World,

Is anyone listening? Are you tuning into the overwhelming amount of destruction? There is an epidemic sweeping our nation- the disregard for  human life. Nearly every place that one looks, life is effortlessly being taken. Governments, terrorists groups, law enforcement and every day people, have become judge and jury, delivering sentences of execution. Countless beautiful beings, are no longer in existence. They have been reduced to a painful, lingering memory. Their legacies cut short, their families-forgotten. Continue reading

An Open Letter To The Breastfeeding Graduate

The fact that I feel compelled to pen an open letter, speaks volumes about the society in which we inhabit. A society that will focus more so on you nursing your infant daughter, rather than congratulate you for your accomplishments.  A society that will ogle over  a scantily clad woman and catapult her to a platform of beauty. A society that will celebrate and protest the use of oil by arranging a Naked Bike Ride. It seems very few take offense of a man walking sans shirt or a woman baring cleavage, yet  breastfeeding continues to be taboo. Continue reading