Celebrate Good Times

These past  few weeks have have been absolutely chaotic, filled to the brim with tears and then there was yesterday. Continue reading

And all that Jazz: An Ode to friendship

In an attempt to reconnect with my past
or jog some sort of memory
I’ve taken to reading correspondences
from those once near and dear to me-
colorful interactions
now fractured Continue reading

Inconsolable….Unconditional Love

The past few days I’ve been quite solemn. Each day, I logged into WordPress-hoping that writing would ease the pain. And each day, I was incapable of putting my emotions into words. After an hour of quite literally breaking down and sobbing today, I am finally able to write. Continue reading

Dear World…

Please excuse me whilst I interrupt the regularly scheduled program:

Dear World,

Is anyone listening? Are you tuning into the overwhelming amount of destruction? There is an epidemic sweeping our nation- the disregard for  human life. Nearly every place that one looks, life is effortlessly being taken. Governments, terrorists groups, law enforcement and every day people, have become judge and jury, delivering sentences of execution. Countless beautiful beings, are no longer in existence. They have been reduced to a painful, lingering memory. Their legacies cut short, their families-forgotten. Continue reading

Ten Things I’ll Never Forget

Despite suffering from memory loss due to Post Concussion Syndrome, there is something, some one, I have the beautiful agony of remembering, my daughter:

Her birthday: She will be 5 on September 3 (thanks to a video of a previous celebration, I now remember)
The first time she was placed into my arms.
Her eyes: She has the most beautiful large brown eyes and very long eyelashes
Her smile: she was such a happy baby and smiled all the time
The first time she nursed: Continue reading

Hello….is There Anyone Out There?

Since I’ve sustained a head injury, I question everything. Each day, I am like a five year old child asking why is something a certain way, followed by another why once I receive the answer.  Today, I wanted to know how hens laid eggs and if a rooster was an absolute necessity. Continue reading


My younger sister  is on Spring break and my mum had work. After I prepared her breakfast (buttermilk biscuits from scratch), I needed to take a nap. When I awoke, we somehow had a heart to heart. My younger sister is 15 years old-and a freshman in H.S. She came into this world, literally fighting for her life. Born several months premature and weighing just over a lb, her entry into this world was filled with complications. Even today, she must go to the hospital at the first sign of a cold. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

As I stood looking at this building, nearly demolished and the beauty surrounding it, I had a moment of acceptance. I must let go of the old and painful to rebuild and embrace whats to come. (loss of daughter, moving to a new home, embrace brain injury/recovery, establishing a new business and shortcomings)

Daily Post Photo Challenge



Moments of Nostalgia

I absolutely bask in stories filled with Nostalgia. They usually express simplistic memories, that provide comfort, years down the line. I too, have experienced and even created nostalgic moments, more so when I lived in Korea: Continue reading