Parker’s Journey

At the beginning of the year, I blogged about wanting to send care packages to those that were recovering from head injuries. As a person that is still recovering, I understand the challenges that are faced and how important it is to have a support system. While I still share that sentiment, it has since expanded. Continue reading

An Open Letter To The Breastfeeding Graduate

The fact that I feel compelled to pen an open letter, speaks volumes about the society in which we inhabit. A society that will focus more so on you nursing your infant daughter, rather than congratulate you for your accomplishments.  A society that will ogle over  a scantily clad woman and catapult her to a platform of beauty. A society that will celebrate and protest the use of oil by arranging a Naked Bike Ride. It seems very few take offense of a man walking sans shirt or a woman baring cleavage, yet  breastfeeding continues to be taboo. Continue reading