I’m Lana

On October 23, 2013 a final blow to the head sent me on an unplanned journey. Ever since, my brain has been on reboot. As I continue to navigate each day, and recover from Post Concussion Syndrome, one thing has become certain: this is going to be an interesting ride

 Who am I?
Hello, my name is Lana. This is me:

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I’ve been labeled as weird, different and an anomaly. It’s taken some time to see these as compliments instead of insults. I don’t fit neatly into a box and I am okay with that. Why? Because I don’t try to be different, I am just me and that is all I know how to be.

I am a Daughter, sister, Aunt…

Former  Teacher

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I am also Business Owner/Entrepreneur  &
The Ultimate Underdog .

  At one point, I was blessed to be called Oma or mum. Not a day passes without me thinking of my daughter YB

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About this blog?

The title, says it all: Living with Post Concussion Syndrome and EVERYTHING in between.  A few months after sustaining a head injury, I began writing.  You are sure to read stories of my Underdog-ness, memories of my daughter, and the various symptoms associated with my recovery. I must admit, writing this blog is truly a contradiction. I have always been private, yet here my innermost thoughts, are being scribbled for the world to read.  I could say my injury was bad timing, but I feel everything happens for a reason. While, it would be easier to focus on the negative aspects, I choose to hold on to all the good that’s come from it. I’ve reconnected with my long lost love-writing! As my mum tells it, she has notebooks filled with my scribbles, dating back to the third grade. I absolutely love to write, words representative of my laughs and tears; spiritually cleansing- self expression.  Memories of tragedy and triumph, previously hidden and closely guarded-yet here I am.


 Other reasons I write?

Currently, writing serves as a distraction; helping me to focus on something other than the chronic physical pain-which I experience from the moment I wake, to the moment I return to bed- and overwhelming anxiety-both attributed to Post Concussion Syndrome.  I also would hope that if another person recovering from a brain injury comes across this blog, they will become hopeful and inspired-its a tough road, but you will get better. Memory loss also plays a role in my writing. This blog is a published reminder.  It is no surprise that my physical recovery, emotional healing and perhaps eventual success (by my standards) will be attributed to writing.


A little more about Lana:

I’m a Christian

I’ve  been published

I lived in South Korea 2009-2013

I have a HOST of niece and nephews whom I love dearly
I have a business, Sweet little Somethings, and use my products

      I am a middle child

A few personal thoughts:

 Always be thankful

Life is beautiful

Pursue your dreams with abandon

Genuine, random acts of kindness , make this world a better place.

Thank you for you going through this journey with me. Happy blogging ^ ^

What to contact me outside of WordPress? Send me a personal tweet

so stay tuned, there’s so much more to read on Living with Post Concussion Syndrome & EVERYTHING in between

153 thoughts on “I’m Lana

  1. Thank you ( belatedly) for your kind words and blog visit last month. You are my very first commenter – YAY! 🙂

    was feeling somewhat discouraged at the few responses so have not been adding much to the blog recently but i hope to have more up soon.

    Sorry to hear about your PCS and more specifically the pain being experienced – as a person undergoing chronic kidney failure myself, along with arthritis and a couple of other issues i can appreciate dome of what those who also endure chronic persistent pain must go through.

    I’m sure your writing will be of help, not just to yourself but to others like you so please don’t give up.

    The only advice i can offer is to not focus on the pain – or on nothing in particular – as with me this always ensures i feel it even more. When we occupy our brain with something other and pay less attention to the pain we suffer it less.

    I know it is not all in the mind… but the way out can be ! 🙂

    Thanks again, Bob

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    • You’re very welcome and thanks for stopping by. I pray it all gets better for you. I also try not to focus on the pain and blogging helps. But on occasion it’s so bad, that thinking of anything else is difficult. Still each day I have a routine and don’t allow pain to get me down. Most times it’s sort of an after thought.


  2. Hi Lana,

    Thank you for your much needed support having just posted my very first blog! By day I am a lawyer dealing with medical malpractice and many of my clients have sustained a traumatic brain injury. Your attitude is fantastic and your blog is an honest and inspirational account of what it can be like to have a TBI. I am sure many will find you a great source of support. I will certainly be following.

    Keep up the good work!

    Sophie x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lana, thank you for visiting my site and I appreciate the honesty I have found on yours. Your first-hand knowledge about Post Concussion Syndrome may prevent others from choosing to put their brains at risk. Your web-site is an asset. Sincerely, Barbara


  4. You relate with my character Lana Leonard for my novel. Same name same character. .it’s ironic and awesome to run into your site. Lana Leonard in my story is a teenager who feels the same as you do. Thanks for sharing your life story, I can relate.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Dear Lana … Thank you for stopping by my blog “In So Many Words.” … I hope one day soon your survival spirit is transformed into one of thriving. That your heart’s desire will be manifest and you will find peace again. I also wish you the comfort of knowing that your faith is there to protect and guide you as you journey through these difficult times. Stop by my blog any time. You are always welcome. Be well … Dorothy

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