Celebrate Good Times

These past  few weeks have have been absolutely chaotic, filled to the brim with tears and then there was yesterday. Although June 2 was my nephew’s 7th birthday, we celebrated as a family on Saturday, June 6. I was exhausted but nothing was going to stop me from fulfilling the promise I’d made to my nephew Kaydein several weeks earlier. It was during that time (we’d just celebrated his younger sister-Kayley’s 4th birthday) that we had a phone conversation or consultation-as I like to call it, that we began to plan his birthday. Kaydein was very certain he wanted a superman cake and although he’d never had a caramel cake, he insisted on this flavour. As usual, the gift choosing would be left up to me (I am a pretty awesome gift giver when it comes to them). But as fate would have it, I suffered a bit of a set back in mid-May (unfortunately its something I can’t blog about at this time). I was determined to deliver but knew I’d have to scale back the size of my nephews cake (he’d requested a sheet cake and I intended to double layer it).

On June 6th, my mum, younger sister, youngest nephew (brother’s son) and I went out to my sisters place. We first stopped by to drop off the cake as we had other errands to run. When we returned, my nephew was so excited, he could hardly contain himself, there were 3 gift bags of wrapped gifts just staring at him, “Tete, can we open presents now please!” I explained to him it was best for everyone to have dinner, dessert before opening gifts. With a reluctantly mischievous grin, on this sweet little face, he agreed and all the little ones went outside to play (thankfully my mum took them to the park). My sisters and I stayed in chatting and as the little ones returned, chaos ensued. Shortly afterward, we had dinner then it was time to reveal the infamous cake. My younger sister Desire, removed the cake from the refrigerator and held it high (not a difficult task, Desire-while the youngest girl, is taller than my sister and I). As she placed the cake on the table, Kaydein was filled with excitement. He kept saying “Its a superman cake, my superman cake!” He was a bit in disbelief. “You bought this from the bakery” he asked? I replied, “No I baked it, didn’t you ask me for a Caramel Superman cake?” He responded, “Yes” and my reply was, “I made the exact cake you requested” At this time his sisters, brothers, aunt and cousins began to ooh and aww over the cake. My sister began taking photos and sending it to friends and my mother and younger sister commented that the cake looked as though it was purchased from a bakery. After we sang to the birthday boy, it was time to cut his cake, and of course he LOVED it.

Superman Caramel Birthday Cake

Immediately, my niece Kayley-we JUST celebrated her 4th birthday, began making requests for her 5th birthday party next year. Later presents were opened family time spent, and after a few hours, it was time for us to make the 1 hr journey back to Chicago. On the way home, my 4 year old nephew (brother’s son) said to me:

Nephew: TeTe, you should have customers
Me: oh, you think so
Nephew: Yes, your cake is the best
Me: Thank you
Nephew: You should have the store where people come in and the cookies, and cakes and they say I want this one and give you the money and they write a paper for a birthday party and say I want this cake and give you money and they buy a cupcake and give you money and they give you all the money because your cake is the best cake. I don’t want other cakes
Me: Okay, I’ll make your birthday cake this year and maybe I will have one of those stores
Nephew: Can my birthday be tomorrow?
Me: when is your birthday?
Nephew: *sigh* December 24th, but that’s too long away
Me: I know your birthday is a few months away, but I will bake your cake then okay?
Nephew: ok, but Tete
Me: Yes
Nephew: you should open your store. Its a good idea, like (spreads arms wide) this much of a good idea

Meanwhile, my nephew Kaydein when we planned his birthday, he’d never had a caramel cake before but said he had a good feeling it would taste delicious so he was willing to take a chance. I told him it was pretty daring for him to take a chance on his birthday cake. I was also intrigued by his combination, most children request chocolate, vanilla etc but I’ve never heard of a Caramel, Superman cake-until now and I’m sure you have seen it first here. But his recently turned 4 year old sister also requested Lavender cupcakes for her 4th birthday (she had my Lavender cookies before). I have definitely turned my nieces and nephews into little foodies.  And for her 5th birthday-thats another blog post!


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