The Waiting Game

On Friday, March 20, I went for my routine Neurologist appointment-which takes place every three months. True to form, from the moment I walked into the waiting room and until I left, it was clear that the staff was doing everything wrong. Continue reading

Respectfully Yours: Pet Decorum

Before the last two days of horrible weather, I’d become accustomed to taking Soon hee on a daily walk. Not only has it been great for her, but also wonderful for me. Continue reading

Waiting for the other shoe…

I was all prepared to end my blogging hiatus with a post about my pampered pooch-Soon hee, however,
I ‘ll have to save that for another day. ¬†As Soon hee and I were a few blocks from home and concluding our 3 mile round trip walk, a not so funny thing happened.

Continue reading