The L Word

It is of no surprise that I love, love. LOVE being an aunt. Its always a pleasure to spend time with my little nieces and nephews. Just recently, I surprised my sister’s little ones with a Valentine’s Day visit. My mum was to look after the children whilst my sister and brother in law went to dinner and I decided to tag  along. The week before, I’d been busy purchasing items for them. After my sister messaged wanting to place a cookie order for the children, I wanted to do something of my own. I decided to personalize the gift to their likes; Hello Kitty (10 year old niece), Iron Man (nephew 8 years), Spider man (nephew 6 years) and Doc McStuffins (niece almost 4 years old).

I literally scoured the net and found the perfect little gifts for each of them. Seeing their tiny faces light up was absolutely priceless. In addition to purchased items, I baked cupcakes and to my surprise they each chose Lavender over Chocolate. As the evening began to approach, my mum, the little ones and I all poured into the living room to watch a movie. The children chose Despicable Me 2 and crowded around. As we watch the movie, I had a niece on my lap, nephew on one side, one on my legs and my final niece on my right side. Of course my legs began to go numb as my 3 year old niece plopped up and down on my lap. Seeing them “fight” over enough leg space was wonderful. When the movie concluded, my legs were tingly but I had no regrets. I know the day will come that my nieces and nephews will think they are too old to be held, sit on my lap or cuddle-so I treasure these moments now and soak them in as much as possible. Before we departed and as each little one planted kisses on my cheeks and crowded around for a huge embrace, my soon to be 4 year old niece made her requests. For her birthday, she wants me to bake Lavender DocMcstuffins cupcakes and triple chocolate chip cookie pops (my sister’s gift to them). Immediately I agreed, whatever I can do for those beautiful little ones always makes my heart sing.


7 thoughts on “The L Word

  1. I sincerely enjoy reading how wonderfully capable you are of experiencing life and appreciating it to the fullest extent possible. It is such a pleasure knowing despite you struggles you find unending beauty and peace in life. I am humbled by your strength of character. Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece.


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