The Inevitable Brickwall

Happy New Year! I can hardly, believe its been a month since I’ve last put “pen to paper” Its been tedious,  hectic, painful, and exciting. It should be of no surprise with the amount of emotions running through me, I’d eventually hit a brick wall.

A few weeks ago, I decided to switch web hosts. This meant I would have to rebuild my entire site -adding products, photos, descriptions etc. I had no idea how much work was cut out for me-as the previous site was created pre head trauma. It took two weeks but my site is now up and running. And although its not perfect, I am very proud of the overall look and story. Little did I know that I’d also have to once again, verify my site though google. This process has been an unnecessary headache. I feel as though I am not being “heard” as I have easily restated the exact corrections over and over only to receive the initial answers. Its been over a day, and still there is no resolve. After today’s exchange, I literally screamed out loud in frustration. The exchange was the icing on the cake of what had been a long week of opposition. At this moment, I find myself dwindling when it comes to positivity. For now, I’ve decided to wait a week and send a new email-HOPING a different tech personnel responds. And of course to write-write until my heart is content. While writing will not solve everything, it will surely make it more palpable.


10 thoughts on “The Inevitable Brickwall

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