Shaken NOT Stirred

Lately, I’ve found it quite difficult to blog. I’ve had a ton to say but know this isn’t the platform to completely divulge. Writing has been my outlet, but I feel as though I have been silenced. This last week has yielded nausea, vomiting, overwhelming stress, confusion and hurt. It has been filled with challenges, sleepless nights and tears. But it has also revealed  strength and perseverance.

I continue to amaze myself with circumstances that have been presented. Instead of allowing myself to become overwhelmed with pain or hurt, I continue to pray and grab hold to positivity. One can only be defeated if they give up. One can only fail if they refuse to try. So each time I shed a few tears and ask God to grant with me an unshakable desire to continue. As someone told me a few days ago, “The greatest revenge is success,” so succeed is what I will do. I will succeed despite the headaches. I will succeed despite the challenges presented. I will succeed even when others see me as unworthy. I will succeed because I have faith. I will succeed despite what negative things others say about me. I may have had a emotionally shaken past week but that will not stir me into defeat.  My spirit is filled with hope, faith, strength and courage, even when my eyes are filled with tears

Selfie Sunday

Yesterday was bittersweet. I’ve enjoyed spending time with my nieces and nephews this summer. Despite living abroad for a few years, I’ve managed to form a very close relationship with them (particularly my sister’s children). However the time had come for them to return to my sister’s home. Whilst out yesterday, my niece, who will be ten in November, said, “TT lets take a selfie”  I sort of looked at her with a smile on my face. Surprised that she knew the term “selfie” Continue reading

I Am Who I Am

I had a conversation with someone earlier that caused me to think. This is a friend that I haven’t spoken to in quite sometime. During our exchange, it was said, “You are a sweet heart, and the positivity in your spirit is unlike anyone else’s that I know. You truly are one of a kind.” My reply was, “Thank you so much. I don’t think so, but thank you” My friend continued on to say, “Of course you don’t, cause you’re humble. You’re welcome” Continue reading


Each day I am reminded that life does not always go as planned. Recently, I was informed that when I was a child, I wanted to become an attorney. It was all I spoke of. But here we are, many years later and my life clearly took a much different path. Continue reading

Words Unspoken

What do you do…
when there are no words left to say
tears are all cried out Continue reading

Here’s to Hope…

This summer, my mum has been caring for my elder sister’s 3 oldest children (9.5,8,6 years) as well as my brother’s middle child, a boy (4 years).  Thus each Sunday, after church, we take a trip to the park  for at least an hour. Whilst there today, I noticed a field of clovers. Immediately I began looking through them. Far from superstitious, I couldn’t resist the urge to find a four leafed clover. Most know they are rumored to bring good luck-which would be welcomed as my hope is dwindling on E.


Today someone said, “I wonder what I did to deserve such an exciting life?” whilst I wont comment on what caused this sarcastic statement, I will tell you my response, “if you look at choices made, you will see that this situation could have been avoided” Continue reading