Ten Things I’ll Never Forget

Despite suffering from memory loss due to Post Concussion Syndrome, there is something, some one, I have the beautiful agony of remembering, my daughter:

Her birthday: She will be 5 on September 3 (thanks to a video of a previous celebration, I now remember)
The first time she was placed into my arms.
Her eyes: She has the most beautiful large brown eyes and very long eyelashes
Her smile: she was such a happy baby and smiled all the time
The first time she nursed: Continue reading

Bedside Manners

This post has been on my mind and in my heart for quite sometime: Within days of suffering a mild traumatic brain injury, more than I changed. Those around me went through a transformation of sorts. Visitors were careful with their tone, promises were made, sentiments expressed, things never stated were spoken freely and uncertainties were given clarity. I suppose the thought of seeing a loved one bed ridden can cause others to appreciate more and put a few things into perspective. It all sounded nice, a sleepy state, with nice thoughts and syrupy sweet, lingering words to help soothe earth shattering pain. And I’m sure at the time, the deliverer had the best intentions. But as the weeks, and then months passed, such sweet words were no longer spoken, regrets forgotten, promises-seemingly broken. Careful movements and avoidance of sound became an annoyed labour and at times, the constant dimming of lights, provoked anger.
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If Only

If only…
my pain were a distant memory
if only…
I could nurture Chicago’s forgotten (children, poor, homeless, disabled)
if only…
I could see my daughter again, and hold her in my arms Continue reading

Ears Wide Open

One of the many symptoms I deal with on a daily basis, is being sound sensitive. Think Man of Steel (latest Superman movie) when young Clark hides in the closet because every noise is painfully loud-yup that’s me. My daily life is a mirror image of that scene. I literally hear everything, Continue reading

On The Move: A Tale of Two Cities

Decided to participate in this week’s Photo Challenge. The Busyness of both Chicago and Seoul, South Korea are displayed.

As I was taking a stroll around my neighborhood one morning it was clear that everyone was rushing off to work. The beauty of The Chicago skyline Continue reading

So, today is Mother’s Day?

Today is bittersweet and not just for me, but for anyone that’s lost a child, parent or are struggling to conceive. My heart is aching, but I’m not alone. Continue reading

Hello….is There Anyone Out There?

Since I’ve sustained a head injury, I question everything. Each day, I am like a five year old child asking why is something a certain way, followed by another why once I receive the answer.  Today, I wanted to know how hens laid eggs and if a rooster was an absolute necessity. Continue reading