A great insight into sports related head injuries. Consistently sustaining head injuries can lead to long term effects. Current story of my life


In August 2013, the National Football League of America reached a $765 million settlement with various players that had been affected by concussion whilst playing the sport. This settlement significantly raised the profile of concussion in all contact sports. We have all seen what a serious head clash can do to a player competing at the highest level, take George Smith against the British and Irish Lions late last year, but we forget that this can happen to anyone at any level of sport.

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that is caused by either a direct blow to the head or body, or another injury that jars or shakes the brain inside the skull, such as whiplash. Although there may be cuts or bruises on the head or face, there may be no other visible signs of a brain injury. It is not always easy to identify if…

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Follow Me, Follow You?

Hello everyone? How are you this morning, evening ? Did you sleep well? Did you have a great day? Its important for me to know how each of you are.

I mentioned in an earlier post, that I was taking a blogging class (should have called it a workshop). Well there have been quite a few improvements to the blog since I’ve began. I was taught how to add a page within a page,” I’m Lana” received a fabulous update and I now have two twitter accounts, one for Sweet little Somethings (which will tweet updates, promotions and product releases) and one for this blog. Feel free to follow both. In addition to this, I’ve also been able to visit quite a few blogs and offer suggestions to others. Continue reading

The Sear’s Tower: Photo Challenge-Monument

I’m a bit late to the game. But I am a Chicagoan, and can see the skyline from my balcony. Introducing: The Sears Tower. Quite the perfect monument for last weeks photo challenge

The Skyline-A different Angle

The  Sears Tower-not your traditional photo

Leaving Good Enough-Alone

I mentioned in a previous post that  I was taking a blogging “course” through wordpress. Yesterdays assignment was to customize our space. Overall, I was happy with the look of my blog: I like how there is a side bar-as there is more ease in catching up on past posts as well as becoming a reader. However, I began second guessing myself today. I’ve just spent a few hours playing around with themes, only to revert back to Zoren. To say it was a tedious process, is an understatement. I am learning to trust my choices and leave good enough, alone. That aside, I did make a change today that I am proud of.  I’m Lanahas received a face lift. The page is much more engaging and not so monotonous.  When you have a free moment, please take a look and let me know what you think. Thanks so much

Celebrate Good Times

Okay, so I just took a gander at my blog and I’ve reached over 200 readers (insert a theoretical happy dance)


File:Dancing baby.gif


WordPress did not inform me, as it did when I reached 100 readers. So, per my word, its time for a Give A Way. In addition to that, I’ve also had 50 posts. I am feeling super happy (if only I could express it) so I am giving away TWO sampling kits. Be on the look out for a post with all the lovely details. Coming soon to a blog near you-this week. Thank you for joining me

Comments Not Included

In yesterday’s post, I mapped out a few goals for my blog. Today, I want to explore and discuss one of those goals in depth. Why do I wish to illicit a written response from readers? Why do I wish others to transcend the era of face book likes and engage? Continue reading

Branding…..What’s The Big Idea?

When I signed back into WordPress (a few months ago). Before I even created my first post, I spent hours (over a course of a few days) going through the dashboard, customizing my header, playing around with widgets and really getting a feel for the space. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was a part of branding my cyber home. Continue reading

Blogging for 200 Please

So, I’ve decided to participate in Blogging 201. I signed up for it, on a whim-yesterday. Today’s assignment is causing me to think a little more than anticipated. The reasons I began blogging and why I continue to do so have expanded:

After my TBI, I was unable to use a computer for a few months. Even now, I have to limit my time (probably does not seem like it). But when I began trying to find information for Post Concussion Syndrome, the articles were scattered. I yearned to find someone that went through what I am currently experiencing (I’ve since located a forum).

Another reason I began blogging was, it allowed me to record my memories and jog others ones. Memory loss can be a pain in the butt. I suffer from both long and short term. Its overwhelming, disheartening and can be frustrating. I try to focus on, creating new memories and not stressing over what I’ve lost. But with writing, I began to notice a few things-The more I wrote, the better I was able to think (my executive functioning has been affected)  as well as I was not focusing on the daily, horrific pain I experience. Therefore, I continue to write.

The reasons I blog have sense expanded: My caregiver is the only person I interact with on a daily basis. While I am an introvert, it has become isolating.  Also, I want to use my blog as a platform for issues that bother me as well as speak about my business.

Now time for the goals:

  • My biggest goal is to learn how to engage an audience and illicit responses. Likes are cool but comments are awesome.  They allow  me to connect with my audience and “speak” with people I otherwise would not have the opportunity to.
  • To grow a larger audience. If what I’ve experienced from losing a child, suffering from a brain injury and struggling with a business can encourage, support or inspire another, it will truly be humbling. I know what its like to not have anyone to relate, no one should have to go through that when recovering.

Hopefully this blogging “class” will enable me to achieve these goals. I’ve been able to come in contact with some truly amazing people since I began blogging. Its safe to say, I never would have “met” you otherwise. Thank you all for being brave enough to share such vulnerabilities. Thank you for inspiring and encouraging. Thank you for being positive, for your rants and lessons, drawings, photographs and poetry. They are appreciated and I am fortunate to have interacted with you.


My younger sister  is on Spring break and my mum had work. After I prepared her breakfast (buttermilk biscuits from scratch), I needed to take a nap. When I awoke, we somehow had a heart to heart. My younger sister is 15 years old-and a freshman in H.S. She came into this world, literally fighting for her life. Born several months premature and weighing just over a lb, her entry into this world was filled with complications. Even today, she must go to the hospital at the first sign of a cold. Continue reading

Thank You: Part Deux

Because… lets toss in a bit of business with pleasure:

Each time my blog reaches certain milestones, there will be a giveaway. This is a great way to say thanks and introduce you to awesome products. Besides, who doesn’t like freebies? Please note, the winner is under no obligations. The hopes is that you will try it, like it, and perhaps, become a customer.  Its really that simple.

Okay so here are the rules (sorry pesky rules but they are fun!): currently, the giveaways are limited to U.S residents ( international readers, this is temporary). Once the milestone is reached, I will post some sort of prompt, or a  video, asking a question about a post. The first person to email the correct response, wins (include the name of your blog in the email so I can create a ping back and link the announcement to you).  The winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize via email with an address, and your gift will be shipped. And that’s it.

*When I reach an audience of 200, we will have our first giveaway. You will receive a sampling kit from this website, so stay tuned, we are almost there. Happy blogging and thanks for stopping by.