Moments of Nostalgia

I absolutely bask in stories filled with Nostalgia. They usually express simplistic memories, that provide comfort, years down the line. I too, have experienced and even created nostalgic moments, more so when I lived in Korea: Continue reading

The Woman in The Mirror

I was reared in a religious home. Education, kindness, responsibility, and respect was something that was emphasized over and over and over some more. Of course, and as with anyone, I am sure once I became an adult, I had to decide the kind of person, I wanted to be. Sure, the things I have been taught, undoubtedly had and has an impact on me-at least from what I can remember. Continue reading

The Birth of a Lifelong Underdog

I suppose I’ve always been an Underdog. Even before I was born:

My mum was quite sick. Upon going to the hospital, she learned that I had not descended but was developing inside her Fallopian tubes. To save my mother’s life,  she was urged to terminate the pregnancy. She returned for the scheduled Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge Street Life: Kangnam, South Korea





Here blogs an Underdog




I signed up for this blog over three months ago-on a whim. Having no idea what I’d write about, it was nameless and empty. When I decided to log back in (after having to reset my password), I was stuck between two names: the current one and The Ultimate Underdog. The latter, sort of explains my life, always close to winning and it being snatched away, or tethering on the brink of hopelessness, then BOOM-success. The more I thought of it, I decided on Post Concussion Syndrome, which is something that affects my life each day. Still you are bound  to read many Underdog Stories. While I have lost out on a lot, one thing is certain….success is imminent.

The Illusion of Control

Some feel, if a person believes in fate, they relinquish any responsibility for their actions-whether good or unsavory. If someone asked me, a few months ago my ideas about fate, I probably would have a different response. As of now, I firmly believe control is an illusion. Yes, we make choices, but they are generally based on our personal convictions, childhood rearing, morals, passions etc. While we do have a hand in making decisions, there are a set of outside factors, that no amount of negotiations can change. Continue reading

Liebster Nomination


 So, I am new to blogging and was nominated with this award. Thanks so much to Ive enjoyed reading your blog as much as you have mine. It makes me smile. I hope its okay to nominate one person, as other blogs I follow have thousands of followers and the rules say less than 200.SO its Q &A time: Continue reading

If I Imagine it, I can Create it

As a child, one of my favorite past times was coloring. It was a moment that left me alone with my thoughts and allowed me to express my vision. I remember the first time a teacher gave me a new coloring page because mine was, “unacceptable” My egregious offense: I’d used the wrong color. Yes, I knew the sky was blue, grass green and tree trunks-brown. Of course, I was and am not colorblind. However, my world was much different. It was filled with purple skies, red grass and yellow tree trunks. The sun was a huge explosion of orange and my sidewalk was blue. This was the world as I imagined it, therefore, I created it. I allowed my tiny fingers to color precisely. Each time my nature scene was filled with rich hues that were far from what one saw looking outdoors.

Oh how wonderful a child’s imagination is. As adults we tend to lose this. Logic begins to outweigh our visions. However, I am happy to report, my view is generally the same. If I can imagine it, I create it. The only thing ever holding one back is themselves. Ask yourself a question: when was the last time you allowed logic to silence your creativity? Imagine & Create-life really is that simple.

Nine to Five

I may rub a few people the wrong way with this one, but hear me out. I’ve never fell victim to the statement, “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life” I was a teacher, and absolutely loved it, but to say it was not work would be a lie. As in any career, there were challenging days, moments when I did not want to leave home, let along teach. But the thing is, if you choose a career you love, it will be more rewarding AND it will make the difficult days, bearable. Continue reading

Learning is My Fountain of Youth

The moment you feel you are incapable of learning, is the moment you cease to live. Perhaps its because I was an educator, but I believe new information, keeps one young. I learn something new everyday, sometimes from the walls speaking, conversations with my nieces and nephews or time spent with my younger sister. I absorb as much as possible and hope that once the sun rises again, more than fragments remain. Continue reading