Inconsolable….Unconditional Love

The past few days I’ve been quite solemn. Each day, I logged into WordPress-hoping that writing would ease the pain. And each day, I was incapable of putting my emotions into words. After an hour of quite literally breaking down and sobbing today, I am finally able to write. Continue reading

The L Word

It is of no surprise that I love, love. LOVE being an aunt. Its always a pleasure to spend time with my little nieces and nephews. Just recently, I surprised my sister’s little ones with a  Continue reading

Busy Bee

The year has just began and already I’ve been tons busy. Continue reading

The Inevitable Brickwall

Happy New Year! I can hardly, believe its been a month since I’ve last put “pen to paper” Its been tedious,  hectic, painful, and exciting. It should be of no surprise with the amount of emotions running through me, I’d eventually hit a brick wall. Continue reading

A Quick Hello

This last month has been tons busy for me. As I prepare to be a vendor in my third holiday market, I as myself, “what did I get myself into?”
Continue reading

A Few Firsts

I’ve been bitten by the baking bug. As Thanksgiving approached, I knew I would not prepare a meal but decided to make bread pudding. The only problem was, I’d never made this dessert before. As I scanned over recipe after recipe on the internet, Continue reading

A little Sticky

It happened yesterday, after months of contemplating a solution, I finally gave in. Initially, I thought it was a bit silly. But deep down, I knew the insecurity it would present. Continue reading

A Sweet Gesture

Yesterday, I received a letter that caused me to smile. It was from someone who had received a package. It meant a great deal that the recipient took a few moments to write a note. Continue reading

Just What the Doctor Ordered

A few days ago, on a whim, I decided to go onto Reddit and post an AMA. At the time, I did not have an account, so I created one BrainInjuredGirl. Going into the AMA, I had no expectations, as I am not very familiar with the site. What followed-was just what the doctor ordered Continue reading

The Purge: Part I

Its been a few weeks since my last post, and this was intentional. I stumbled across a post someone had written and it caused me to take a step back, reflect and of course, purge Continue reading

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Once again, its been far too long since I’ve “put pen to paper” Several times a week, I state out loud, “I need to blog today” Somehow the day escapes me and its time for bed. Its a pity that I can be so forgetful, because I do enjoy writing and interacting with each of you. So of course a few things have occurred in my absence: Continue reading